International campus for holistic pharmacists, doctors, therapists and PTAs.

The Campus has always stood for advanced training in naturopathy at the highest scientific level. The successes of recent years have confirmed that we should continue to pursue this path consistently. That is why the Campus now not only has a fresh new look, but we have also expanded our entire range of courses and services once again.

The IGAF is looking forward to the collaboration. Joint training series are planned, consisting of online and face-to-face events. Let us surprise you.

The Medical Society for Microimmunotherapy (MeGeMIT) 

The Medical Society for Microimmunotherapy (MeGeMIT) is a medical society dedicated to spreading knowledge about microimmunotherapy and the importance of the immune system as a cornerstone of health.
MeGeMIT aims to help all healthcare professionals integrate microimmunotherapy into their treatment strategy. In addition, it also provides patients and the general public with more information about microimmunotherapy through the microimmunotherapy platform and Facebook page.