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The IGAF (International Society for Autonomic Functional Diagnostics and Regulatory Medicine) has set itself the goal of publicizing the analysis of the autonomic nervous system and the associated therapy options in all medical fields in which the autonomic nervous system plays a role. Leading scientists from Germany and abroad are to be recruited for studies and lectures in which autonomic functional diagnostics are presented to a wide circle of doctors and therapists.

Exchange of information & further training

The IGAF creates a platform for the exchange of information and further training for all doctors and therapists interested in regulatory medicine. In addition, patients should also be informed about the possibilities offered by autonomic function diagnostics. Alternatives to conventional medical therapies are to be publicized in order to illustrate the therapeutic success of autonomic imbalance.

Training to become a certified regulatory therapist in 3 parts -
Year 2024/25 bookable now

We are pleased to be able to offer you a qualified, practical and certified training course to become a regulatory therapist. A selected and experienced training team as well as various guest lecturers will impart their experience and knowledge to you in 3 courses so that you can immediately integrate what you have learned into your everyday life. In addition to the basic knowledge transfer, you will have the opportunity to get to know the teaching methods yourself during the respective industry exhibition. At "tune the therapist" we offer you the opportunity to take time for yourself and gain your own experience.

2nd IGAF Sunny Days Retreat 01 - 05.05.2024 on Mallorca

After the great success of 2023, we would like to follow up directly with the second IGAF International Congress in 2024. We are staying true to the guiding theme of "Good Aging - Better Aging" and have once again prepared an exciting and interesting scientific program for you that reflects the ideas of our society and its goals. Together with the wonderful atmosphere of the Zafiro Palace Andratx on Mallorca, this congress offers just the right combination of professional training and time out from everyday life. Treat yourself to this unique opportunity so that your patients and clients will also benefit later on. Not only will you fly back with more knowledge, but you will also be relaxed, satisfied and ready to apply this knowledge in practice.